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Jenine Adam owns and operates Island Canvas Works. She is an native northwesterner (Bainbridge Islander even) and outdoor enthusiast. From growing up sailing on the Puget Sound, to discovering the joys of cruising under sail in the Hawaiian Islands, Jenine has working knowledge of boats and the care necessary to design and build products specific to marine applications. When she is not in the shop sewing or out patterning a project you can find her going out for a sail, hitting the pavement in training for her next marathon, or kicking back around a campfire. 

Jenine takes pride in her work and is glad to continue providing quality custom canvas products to Kitsap County, Washington and beyond. 

The Island Canvas Works shop was founded by Tom Nicol where he established a high standard of quality. Eileen Nicol also created beautiful bags out of recycled and new cloth. While the shop currently does not have a stock of sail cloth and canvas bags, we can certainly make them upon request.

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Each boat and project we work on is unique. We work with our customers in order to design and build the best product possible for each application. If you would like to discuss a potential project, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you shortly. 

we believe in quality craftsmanship (womanship too). All of our products are designed and fabricated with a mind to creating functional, lasting, and aesthetically pleasing results that meet our customers needs. 

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